The BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH has more than twenty years of experience in developing, designing and testing various serious games applications in the field of innovation, ICT implementation in supply chain, logistics and production mostly embedded in a blended learning concept.

The BIBA living lab on serious games is an environment giving students, teachers and professionals the possibility to get together to:

  • Test games

  • Co-creatively design and develop new games

  • Play games

  • Assess and evaluate games

Our living lab comprises two elements:



– which is the physical part – here you find several board games, Internet of things tool kit, digital games, our multi-touch screens etc.

Virtual living lab

Virtual living lab

This is a virtual environment offering tools to co-creatively develop, test and play games on-line. Through this virtual element you are also connected to four other European living labs on serious games.

What can you do in our Gaming Lab?

The main goal of our lab is to foster the up-take of serious games in eductation of engineers as well as to support a dialogue between the different stakeholders (users like teachers and students, developers, publishers, ICT providers). Thus, the Gaming LAB provides the participants the possibility to use co-creative approaches for developing new serious games. We also offer facilitated workshops in the field of logistics and production using games and we arrange events where different stakeholder groups can meet, discuss and develop ideas?

  • Are you interested in using serious games in your teaching, but not knowing many games in the field of innovation, logistics and production?

  • Would you like to apply your theoretical knowledge in a safe environment allowing you to experience the impact of your decision?

  • Have you developed a gaming application in the field of production and logistics, and would like to get it tested by potential users?

You can answer a question with yes? Then we should meet!