A very long logistical chain has to be worked through before goods ordered from the manufacturer reach the end customer via the online retailer. In the standard, this consists of procurement logistics or inbound logistics for the delivery and procurement of the required goods, intralogistics and production logistics for the internal transport, handling and storage processes, and outbound logistics for the actual sale of the goods.

Realistic Training – In Virtual Reality

The Serious Game is called VRhouse and is a Virtual Reality (VR) game. It guarantees the player a highly immersive gaming experience by allowing the player to enter a completely virtual world. Every physical movement of the hands and head is transferred directly into the game through the VR technology, which allows the player to interact with the virtual objects that do not physically exist.

The core of the game is getting to know and trying out individual supporting technologies for order picking. The player can currently try out the pick-by-light, pick-by-vision and pick-by-voice technologies. The times required for the individual processes are tracked and evaluated, allowing the players to measure and compare their skills.

What can I do in VRhouse?

A tutorial is available to the player at the beginning of the game to learn the VR controls. In this, the player goes through a virtual course and receives direct instructions for controlling the individual actions.

After the player has familiarized himself with the controls, he can choose between three different levels. Each level represents one of the picking assistance technologies: pick-by-light, pick-by-vision and pick-by-voice. The player takes on the role of the order picker.

Each level starts at the terminal, where you can find the required virtual hardware and the task description. Regardless of the level or the assistance system, the player carries the picking trolley with them. There are industrial boxes on the picking trolley. Under the instructions of the assistance systems, the player must find goods in the warehouse and place the specified number of them in the industry boxes provided.

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